Drive Success: Master Sage X3 ERP

Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

To effectively address and manage the needs of our clients, we employ a highly skilled team of ERP consultants. We leverage the expertise of ERP experts from around the world. Our experienced employees are proficient in ERP software, enabling you to efficiently automate your business management through a high-performance software solution.

To ensure your satisfaction, we have surrounded ourselves with experts. All our employees have over 10 years of consulting experience and have received extensive training to successfully assist companies in managing ERP software and transformation projects.

Our consultants make use of proven methodologies, experience, and independent technology research to ensure the success of each client’s project. To meet all your requirements, we offer management solutions tailored to your needs, project, and preferences.

Instead of focusing solely on one aspect of ERP implementation, B2E has built its reputation by leveraging our experience in assisting organizations before, during, and after ERP system deployment.





Our Services

Our team of functional experts considers the project context and employs tested and approved methods (multi-country approach, project mode, action/training, etc.) aimed at standard exploitation. When specific requirements arise, our Engineering and R&D teams collaborate to provide the best solutions that align with your professional, personal, and financial needs.

Project Management

A dedicated R&D center for developing add-ons that comply with solution standards.

Implementing an ERP software on time and within budget. Executing your project according to your constraints, goals, and autonomy.

Project Management Assistance

To help you become familiar with your new ERP software, we take charge of activities that are typically your responsibilities (data preparation, transfers, solution certification, etc.) with the assistance of your business resources. We adopt a holistic approach to address commercial, organizational, technological aspects, and processes for a successful ERP project.


4GL (4th Generation Language)

Design Crystal Report

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Web Service

Change Management

We make it our duty to minimize risks and disruptions to your business throughout the ERP implementation process, allowing you to continue working as usual without inconvenience. Everything is implemented gradually, without disturbing your professional routines.

We also ensure knowledge transfer to facilitate genuine adoption of the solution by your team. We provide on-site startup assistance, ensuring your complete mastery of ERP configuration. This enables you to work autonomously soon after a short period of training and adjustment.

Customer Support

Committed to ensuring post-deployment continuity, we provide our dedicated support center for operational maintenance to our B2E ERP clients. This center guarantees measurable service quality through ticketing tools. Our dedicated customer support team accompanies you over the long term, extending beyond the warranty period. Thus, it’s always possible to rectify troubled or malfunctioning ERP implementations.

Implementing Measurable Operational Improvements

There are numerous indicators available that relate to your specific line of business and current challenges. However, managing without clear direction is not an effective strategy.

To optimize both your satisfaction rate and resource allocation, you must focus on a targeted set of indicators for customer service, commonly referred to as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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Running a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Some solutions heavily rely on integrating supplementary modules to meet the specific needs of every line of business. However, Sage X3 naturally includes compatible functionalities for distribution, services, and production professions such as:

  • Storage Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Production

This ERP solution is highly flexible and practical, leading to process unification and simplifying many technical aspects.

Sage X3, a business management software, relies on a flexible web services technology that facilitates access to additional solutions when needed.

Do More, Faster

Enhance your productivity and expedite the implementation of a new solution using an intuitive web interface that users can easily customize for a comfortable work environment.

Improve the service you offer to your customers

Give a boost to resolving all your problems and improve your reactivity with a faster and simpler access to every information they need.

Business Doesn’t Stop at Your Doorway

The ergonomic design of the software ensures user comfort, which is why we offer data access on mobile devices. Whether you’re on the go or away from your desk, you can check your stocks, record client orders, approve sales, and review performance indicators. Stay connected and informed even when you’re not in the office.

Expand in New Markets or Territories

Enhance your capabilities, experiment with new processes, manage new commercial departments, or expand your operations into new markets using a flexible management solution. Our ERP software is designed to foster growth and international trade, as it is adaptable to any situation.

Get Critical Strategic Insights When You Need Them

Monitor performance, manage risks, and utilize self-service business intelligence tools for real-time control and decision-making.

Maintain Process Control

Enhance efficiency, ensure product compliance, and streamline operations through comprehensive integration of your professional processes. Retain cost control and optimize profitability.